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The Church Of God in Virginia


Mission Statement:

The Mission of the Church of God in Virginia (COGVA) is to serve the congregations of the Church of God by providing spiritual guidance and support to local churches and to promote the teachings, practices, beliefs, and doctrines of the Church of God based on the Holy Bible.


The Church of God in Virginia is affiliated with the General Assembly of the Church of God, Church of God Ministries, Inc., Anderson, Indiana


The Church of God in Virginia
4704 Roanoke Street 
Christiansburg, VA 24073 

Phone: 540-268-2040


"After his suffering, 
he showed himself to these men 
and gave many convincing proofs 
that he was alive. 
He appeared to them 
over a period of forty days 
and spoke about the kingdom of God."
Acts 1:3

It is a matter of record that 
He lived, died, and rose again. 
He now lives at the right hand 
of the Father and 
in the hearts of believers. 
"...he has risen, just as he said."